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The following assessments are available via the Revelian API.

Name Code Description
Revelian Cognitive Ability Test RCAT This assessment helps to maximise employee performance by identifying people with the capacity to succeed in a diverse range of work roles. Learn more.
Revelian Cognify RGCA A brief and engaging set of game-based assessments that measure abilities including problem-solving, numerical reasoning, processing speed and verbal knowledge. Candidates complete a number of mini-games measuring different facets of ability to provide comprehensive insight into their level of suitability for a role. Learn more.
Revelian Emotify Emotify A set of two game-based Emotional Intelligence assessments, Matching Faces and Emotional Ties, assess a candidate’s ability to accurately perceive emotions and effectively understand the connections between emotions, and situations that lead to specific emotional reactions. Learn more. Learn more.
Revelian Behavioural Profile RBP This assessment provides insight into the work-related behaviour of a candidate and how easily they may integrate with an existing team and work environment. Learn more.
16 Personality Factor Questionnaire 16PF This assessment provides an accurate prediction of future behaviour at work, and gives comprehensive insight into each candidate’s unique personality profile. Learn more.
Emotional Intelligence Test EI The Emotional Intelligence (MSCEIT) assessment helps you identify people who can perceive, identify and manage their own and other people’s emotions. This in turn makes them more effective when working with and managing other people. Learn more.
Revelian Values Inventory RVI This assessment can enhance commitment amongst employees by identifying people whose work-related values align closely to those of the organisation. (Note: this assessment requires the organisation to complete a values audit, or that a supervisor completes a values profile, so that each candidate’s values can be compared with the organisation’s values). Learn more.
Revelian Work Safety Assessment (Short) RWSS Measures a candidate’s attitudes towards various safety-related factors at work, and identifies which people are less likely to sustain workplace injuries or be involved in workplace accidents. Learn more.
Revelian Work Safety Assessment (Long) RWSL The long form provides a more in-depth analysis of a candidate’s safety awareness at work compared to the short form, assessing a greater number of safety-related factors. Reporting also includes an interview guide to assist in further probing the safety risk presented by a candidate. Learn more.
Revelian Work Reliability Scale RWRS Assesses a candidate’s attitudes towards theft and dishonesty - also known as integrity - at work, and identifies people who are less likely to engage in counterproductive behaviours. Reporting also includes an interview guide based on the candidate’s responses, so you can further explore any possible problem areas. Learn more.
Revelian Abstract Reasoning Test RART This assessment helps to identify people who can solve conceptual problems by identifying relationships and analysing patterns. It’s useful for roles requiring the ability to comprehend and work with conceptual information. Learn more.
Revelian Numerical Reasoning Test RNRT Helps to identify candidates who can understand numerical relationships and concepts, and to reason using numbers. It’s suitable for roles requiring the ability to work with numbers. Learn more.
Revelian Verbal Reasoning Test RVRT Assists in identifying candidates who can understand complex verbal relationships and reason using words. It’s suitable for roles requiring the ability to comprehend and analyse written information. Learn more.
Revelian Work Preference Profile RWPP This assessment helps improve employee satisfaction by identifying candidates whose job-related preferences align closely with the kinds of tasks they’ll need to perform in the role. (Note: this assessment requires that a supervisor completes a questionnaire that outlines the tasks required by the role, so that each candidate’s preferences can be compared with task requirements.) Learn more.
Skills Testing SKILLS A broad range of over 900 technical skills tests to assess critical workplace skills. View the full range of tests available here.