Typical Workflow

While there’s no particular process you need to follow in inviting your candidates to complete assessments, the most common process is shown below:



When you set up a new candidate testing exercise, a new position is created, which includes details such as the name of the position, the supervisor or manager, and assessment comparison groups. You might use different terminology within your own recruitment process, such as vacancy, campaign or opening. Within the Revelian system, this resource is managed as a position.


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Typically, you would add assessments to a position after creating it, although you can do this at any time during the life of the position. You may choose to offer more than one round of assessments: for example, candidates might complete a cognitive ability and safety assessment in the first round, then you might invite the best of those candidates to complete a behavioural profile. You may also remove an assessment from a position, as long as no candidates have been invited to complete that assessment.

View specific assessment configuration details in Assessment Metadata.


You can add candidates to a position at any time, and would usually do so after selecting assessments. You will need to provide each candidate’s first and last name, gender (which is used only to customise the assessment reports), email address and other contact details.

Each candidate will have a unique ID for each position they are attached to.


When a candidate is invited to an assessment, a unique login URL will be generated for them. The Revelian Assessment API will provide the candidateLoginUrl, which you can then provide to the candidate.

Revelian does not send the login URL to the candidate. You will need to supply this URL to your candidate yourself.

Candidate Assessment Results

Once invitations have been created, you can periodically poll the Revelian system to obtain candidate results. View more information about interpreting the results data in the Assessment Results section.