After an invitation is created, a candidateLoginUrl will be made available which must be provided to the candidate for them to undertake assessment/s.


We strongly recommend including the following pieces of information when supplying the URL to the candidate:


Dear <Candidate>,

To enable us to further assess your current skills and abilities, we would like to invite you to complete some online assessments. Please read this email carefully and follow the assessment instructions provided below.

General Information

Information about system requirements, testing conditions and FAQs are available here.

Please don't use a touch screen device (e.g. mobile phone, tablet, touch screen computer) to complete assessments. Revelian assessments require a keyboard and mouse to complete appropriately.

Log in to your assessments

Use the link below to log in.

Start Testing

Please complete your assessments on or before <InvitationExpiryDate>. Your invitation will expire at 11:59pm AEST on this date.

Please note: If you've completed Revelian assessments previously (within the past 12 months), please log in using the details above and the system will prompt you to release your previous responses. You won't have to complete the same assessments again.

Need help?

Technical support is available at:
Revelian online support system